Our successes has emerged from our passion.

Thanks to our attitude towards the creation of new things, we consider new projects not as problems but as challenges.

It is the world and nature around us that inspire us to create beautiful and functional interiors and furniture.

In our opinion, design is not just a preparatory stage in the process of having things made; it is rather a combination of innovation, creativity and technology.

It is what excites and inspires us, whenever we undertake a new project.

Our passion, supported by the knowledge and experience that we have acquired in many fields, such as interior design, ergonomics and technology, gives us an outstanding position on the market.

We participate in and contribute to the whole process of design, starting from the concepts that are developed for the needs of our clients, and following the project through to its conclusion with the carefully selected, appropriate and unique, final design.

Our range of services

  • Residential interior design
  • Public sector interior design (hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, clubs, coffeeshops, stores, hairdressing salons)
  •  Office and embassy interior design
  • Office, embassy, reception and waiting room interior design
  • Complex “turn key” projects
  • Substitute investments
  • Project supervisory services and executive works coordination
  • Furniture design and production
  • Photo-realistic visualisation rendering

We guarantee a synchronous cooperation